Radical Community Coaching

Connection. Movement. Conversation.

I’m offering Free on line sessions Monday to Friday at 8.00 am to set a goal for the week, set you up for the day, keep you on track, give you ideas for your well being, have a conversation, connect with others, share what’s working for you, lighten your mental, physical and emotional load, create a community…

Absolutely anyone can join in. The only rule is mutual respect for everyone joining the sessions. There will be five 15 minute sessions each week. You also can become a member of an on-line community.

It’s free to join a session. Yes…nothing, zilch, zero, de nada!

Each session will last for only 15 minutes. Some may run longer…let’s see how it goes. 

The Weekly Timetable

  • Commitment Monday – Setting a winning target for the week ahead
  • Physical Tuesday – Sharing a movement or two to get your body refreshed 
  • Creative Wednesday – Sharing ideas and reviews for films, books, learning etc
  • Coffee Morning Thursday – Time to share what’s been going for you
  • Book End Friday – Checking in on Your Commitment

For those interested in joining, this is how it’s going to work: 

The session starts at 8.00 am though you can ‘join’ any time before hand. On your first session I suggest logging on 10 minutes early to get used to the set up.

All you need is a laptop, phone or tablet with an internet connection. No special software is required. 

The “meeting” is hosted on a website called Zoom and you’ll need to send an email to register your interest here mailto:martin@martinfeaver.com

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. It’s really simple.

Please note that the default is that your microphone will be turned OFF and I won’t be able to hear you unless you turn it on. Your camera will be on or off at your choosing.

Let’s get together.

Enjoy the day you create.