These are free resources to help you enjoy the day you create. Please use and share. 

Some activities from actual Radical Coaching sessions…

Sometimes the smallest action can have the biggest impact. Give this one a go and see what you discover…

What we focus on is what we experience. This simple activity will help you refocus your attention to what you enjoy and achieve – and its fun as well. Once you open the box you may be surprised at how you feel and what you notice. 


A series of movements and activities for the mind and body …

Breathing. Everything you think, feel and do depends on your breathing. With inefficient breathing you collapse and contract. When you are breathing fully you expand, grow and thrive. Using one or more of this series of simple techniques, you can learn how to deepen your breathing and slow it down creating space in your mind and body. Doing one of them daily, they really only take seconds, you’ll feel a shift. See if you can notice the shift in me by the end? 🤣 Have fun exploring how your breathe. 

Your Balance. Physical balance matters. Mental balance matters. Sleep matters. This simple exercise helps improve all 3! Do it daily, build up gradually and you may be surprised at what you discover about your day and how you end it! And holding onto the basin isn’t a fail. Enjoy the day you create 😀

Your Jaw. It’s great to get your glutes to fire up, boost your energy and release body and mind tension. Best avoided if you are on a bus or train…😂 

Your Toes. Do you feel your toes? They are furthest part of your body though that doesn’t mean they aren’t as important as the rest of your body. Often ignored, until they go wrong, your toes make a big difference to the way you feel about you as well as how you move. If you’ve ever stubbed your toes you’ll know what I mean. Your body only ever moves through its perceived safety zone and if your toes don’t feel safe and connected you feel exactly the same! ☺️

Your Hips. In our ‘sit down not move enough’ lifestyles, the hips’ range of movement gets stifled and with it how we feel, think and move. Simple and quick, these leg circles can make a bigger difference than you may think and the grinding and clunking is normal…😂 Enjoy the day you create.