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Radical Coaching asks 3 questions…

  • Where am I? 
  • Where do I want to be? 
  • How can I get there?


1. The starting point of Radical Coaching is that you are good enough now. Physically, mentally and emotionally. If you have ever been told ‘that’s the way you are’ it’s not true. You have the potential to thrive and change if you want to. 

Regular coaching implies and reinforces there is a mythical ‘better’ version of yourself that you ought to be. This comparison is the thief of your joy. Radical Coaching challenges this approach.

It’s not about playing the game, being a better person, where you are lacking or what is wrong with you. There is no ‘better’ version of you. It’s arrogant, even patronising, when you are told there is.

You are incredible. Every decision and choice you have ever made has got you to where you are today. That’s to be celebrated. You made it. You survived. Where you go from here is over to you. You have the capacity to change and will change even if all you do is get older! More than that can happen though. 

You may make changes that enable you to thrive rather than survive. You may accept who you are. You may decide to keep the same habits. Knowing yourself, patterns, blindspots and values, is knowledge and power in itself. Changing them is over to you. You do the work. 

2. Many people are stuck living in their head. They have a six lane motorway to their body and a cycle path back from their body to their head! People have forgotten that their body has a role to play in living their lives. We live and experience our lives through our minds and bodies. 

Mind Body Flow ChartWhen your life is out of balance it shows up in your mind and body.  Think about it this way…The way you sit impacts on the way you think and how you think impacts on the way you sit. Working with only your mind, or only your body, is not enough. You have to use both because you are both!

Empowerment and confidence comes from trusting and believing in yourself and the choices you make. With exploration, play, discovery and support, you grow and thrive. You develop your own awareness and create your own strategies to manage and overcome the pressures and demands life invariably presents. Radical coaching is solution focused. 

You have to show up. You’re expected to be present and engage. There is no spoon feeding and imposing outcomes. It’s over to you. It is your responsibility.

Radical Coaching is empowering your mind and body using your mind and body.

3. Radical Coaching uses small practical mind and body changes to make big differences.

The Aims

  • Get rid of excessive internal and external noise and find your personal clarity 
  • Create space in your mind and body to be the person you want to be
  • Pull back and see the fuller picture – the spectator sees more of the game
  • Being authentic living your values through your actions
  • Feel heard, challenged and supported
  • Serve yourself and the wider community

The Process – Small changes mean big differences. 

Competence Pathway

Radical  Coaching is a catalyst to unblock, unglue and reconnect your physical and mental wiring using a combination of confronting and supportive coaching and physical techniques. It enables you to assess familiar mind and body patterns, overcome those that limit you, choose new ones that empower you and tap into your ‘unused’ potential. 

You won’t always hear what you want to hear and some of the sessions can feel tough as you confront what you’ve always done!

The 4 Stages of Radical Coaching get you to where you want to be – even if you’re not quite certain where that is at the moment! 

  1. Using your mind and body to become AWARE of your familiar mental, physical and emotional patterns and habits so you have the potential to change them.
  2. Choose current mind and body patterns aligned with your identity and values that serve you and ditch those that don’t. 
  3. Discover new mind and body patterns aligned with your personal values adding them to your current ones that work for you. 
  4. Feel supported as you explore using your chosen mental, physical and emotional patterns and habits in your life. 

Regardless of why you are interested in working with me or my colleagues, the focus of Radical Coaching is on you discovering and following your own pathway that works for you!

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