Radical Coaching in Organisations - a circle of people from different cultures and ethnicity in a circle looking upIf you believe it’s the individual that matters to the success of the whole Radical Coaching is for you. 

Working with enlightened organisations that value the people in them, Radical Coaching delivers innovative organisational wide programmes to improve interpersonal relationships, performances and mental and physical health and well being. It’s good for your bottom line too.

Our unique approach of Not A Workshop uses the mind and body to initiate awareness of possibilities, explore changes to familiar patterns and assimilate them into the lives of participants and their organisations. 

If you want sitting and being lectured to for your workforce best not get in touch. 

Radical Coaching can be delivered through 1 to 1 sessions, group sessions, away days and retreats. 

Too often heath and well being programmes are part of a company tick list with one week a year focused on a healthy lifestyle. If this is your company no need to get in touch. If you are about more than this we’re pretty certain we’d enjoy working with you.