Being Healthy in Body Mind and Spirit

If you believe it’s the individual that matters to the success of the whole Not A Workshop is for your organisation.  

Not A Workshop is a new concept in transforming wellbeing in organisations. It’s about unlearning instead of more learning and explores the powerful relationship between the mind and body, stress and wellbeing.

It exposes the patterns that block your people from making the mental, emotional and physical shifts they want in their lives. These patterns often translate into missed outcomes, mediocre engagement, chronic stress, excessive sickness absence and lacklustre user experience.

Not A Workshop

  • Makes a positive difference to your employees and your organisations well being
  • Breaks new ground in well being
  • Recognises and exploits the mind and body connection
  • Provides a unique experience for personal and organisational growth
  • Means thinking for oneself and acting for the benefit of everyone both within the organisation and beyond it

Not A WorkshopUsually workshops tinker with change without radically making a difference to the way the participants see both themselves and the world they are part of. There is another way and it’s called disruption.

Disruption is when people feel challenged and vulnerable and still safe to explore new patterns and possibilities. It’s then transformation happens.

Led by Lead Disruptors Gareth Russell and Martin FeaverNot A Workshop features a disruptive design using elements of play, physical movement and deep relaxation for a uniquely different and transformative learning experience. Each session is co-created, ensuring your people are fully present and engaged, maximising their learning. There is no ‘Death by Powerpoint’.

By the end of a bespoke one-day session, session your people will:

  • Have examined their understanding and relationship with stress
  • Have explored and tested the mind body connection through practical exercises
  • Be aware of the connection and impact of language and thoughts on the body, and how the body affects thoughts and language
  • Know how to shift unhelpful mental and physical patterns
  • Have practical techniques they can use immediately

They have to show up and are re expected to be present and engage. There is no spoon feeding and imposing our outcomes during the sessions. Everyone arrives with their own experiences and leaves with their own outcomes. If you do prefer ‘sitting and being lectured to’ for your workforce probably best not get in touch.

Please be aware Not A Workshop isn’t a tick box exercise on a company report that enables you to state ‘We value our employees health and well being’ or one week a year focused on a healthy lifestyle. Using us requires commitment from your organisation.

Whether you’re a multi-national, small business, start up, government organisation or a charity…your employees are physical, emotional and mental beings and your greatest asset. We know it and if you feel the same we’re pretty certain we’d enjoy working with you.