Radical Coaching for Every Man

Life happens. There’s no getting away from it. Where you are today is the result of your experiences, conditioning and perception. Some of it is over to you though it’s not all your fault either. You’ve developed patterns of thinking, moving and feeling to live your life. Yep, men do feel. 

Some patterns are great. They really work for you. Others could do with some tinkering, maybe even throwing out and getting new ones? You know when they do because life gets harder, it feels like something is missing and you want something, sometimes anything, to change. 

Everything is possibleUnderstanding how your mind and body works using a combination of challenging and supportive coaching along with physical techniques, Radical Coaching gets you to explore and look at all your patterns in your life. It’s a ‘head down and body up’ approach.

You’ll be able to discover different  patterns of thinking, feeling and moving that improve how you feel about you, the past, relationships, friendships, the future and your performance when you’re at work, rest and play.

Stressed busy man sitting in a cardboard box trying to do lots of tasksRadical Coaching works for all men.

It’s great for men with specific challenges of self worth, confidence, addiction, personal resilience, social anxiety, sexuality, physical performance, body image, personal trauma, sexual performance, aches and injuries, overcoming shame and handling stress.

Or maybe you’re stuck, find it hard to make goals let alone reach them and keep getting the same outcomes? Perhaps you feel you’re not good enough, can’t get your act together, feel an internal conflict or are on edge and anxious that you’re missing out?

You Can't Pour From an Empty CupRegardless of why you are interested in working with me the focus of Radical Coaching is on you discovering and following your own pathway that works for you!

Be aware though that nothing will ever be the same. Once the genie is out of the bottle there’s no going back. Radical Coaching does what it says on the tin!