Radical Coaching for Athletes

Ready for the London Pondathon Radical Coaching improves your mental and physical performance. Simple as.

It’s for the amateur or professional athlete, injured hero, exercise enthusiast, old dog, young pup, during rehab or the new exerciser and enables you get the most from your time, commitment, effort and energy. 

You’ll understand and overcome the physical and mental blocks that get in the way when you are moving your body whether training, competing, getting fitter or having fun. 

Crutches thrown into a blue binMost athletes know how to train can then get stuck in a rut repeating familiar training routines, struggle with, or worry about, injuries and feel there is more in the tank. Your mind and body patterns become fixed and familiar and guess what? If you keep doing what you’ve been doing you’ll get the same results. Guaranteed. 

You get what you focus onRewiring how you move and think is powerful. Moving faster, being stronger, increased flexibility, greater power, improved relaxation, less stress, changed mindset, reduced injury and more mental resilience are amongst the shifts that can happen when you use Radical Coaching.