Martin Feaver AKA The Radical CoachThere are lots of ways of working with me. The main part is you have to show up. Going through the motions is a waste of everybody’s time.

I walk the walk. Personal means personal to me. I work with a maximum of ten clients at any one time.  

Radical Coaching sessions are 90 minutes long and give you time and space to relax  and focus on you. 

‘One off’ sessions bring with them unrealistic expectations and outcomes. Overcoming years of patterns of conditioning and making permanent shifts in your life takes time and commitment. A ’slow burn’ rather than ‘quick fix’ is the most effective way to get to where you want to be. Three sessions are the minimum you can start with when working with me.

If you have any questions about working with me or choosing the solution that works for you  get in touch.

Activation Packages

Kick Start Package – Four to Five Weeks

  • 3 Face to Face Radical Coaching sessions of 90 minutes  over four to six weeks
  • Activities to support and reinforce the changes and shifts you experience
  • E mail and text support to keep you on track and accountable

Mainstay Package – Three Months

  • 10 Face to Face Radical Coaching sessions of 90 minutes  over three months
  • E mail support to keep you on track and accountable

Explorer Package – Twelve Months

  • 1 Face to Face Radical Coaching session of 120 minutes  each month over a year
  • E mail support to keep you on track and accountable

A Day at the Seaside – 5 hours

Minster Beach

This is a new way of working with me that started in 2019.

Details of your day and what you want to achieve from it are discussed before you arrive.

Here’s a possible itinerary. Start with a Radical Coaching session at my home in Kent. You could then choose between more Radical Coaching as we walk along the beach or head into the countryside, do an exercise session at my home or on the beach or perhaps opt to go for a dip with a sea swim with me at the local Blue Flag beach. You’ll have a homemade vegetarian meal followed by a Radical Coaching session in the afternoon with a massage or relaxation session before you leave.

You’ll receive notes from all that is discussed and an email to follow up your visit to the coast.

You are responsible for your travel costs. I can pick you up from the local station. There is parking if you decide to travel by car.

Personal and Small Group Retreats

The Yorkshire DalesThe focus is on you making breakthroughs in your life, to manage a particularly stressful period, need time out or recover from an overwhelming event or events.

I will provide you with the a safe space and environment to:

  • Develop a deep awareness of where you create barriers within yourself and overcome them
  • Improve your fitness and sporting performance
  • Overcome injuries and recover from illness
  • Build trust in you and your choices
  • Improve your physical well being
  • Discover your ability to relax guilt free

Your retreat takes place over five days and there is email support and follow up after your return.

Personal Retreats take place in the Yorkshire Dales or Sitges in Spain. P1060907 - Version 2

You are responsible for your travel arrangements and costs.