Radical Coaching Packages

Martin Feaver AKA The Radical Coach Along with the 17 Minute Morning Coaching and Men’s Circle, you can work with me individually. 

I work with a maximum of 8 coaching clients at any one time at a studio in London, my home in Kent or Online using Zoom and other platforms.  

3 sessions are the minimum you can start with when working with me individuallyExperience has shown me ‘One off’ sessions bring with them unrealistic expectations and outcomes. 

Most Radical Coaching sessions are typically 90 minutes long and give you time and space to relax and focus on you.  For other clients this isn’t practical and alternatives can be arranged to accommodate specific requirements and needs. 

If you would like to clarify your suitability for Radical Coaching or discuss working with me please email me directly: mailto:coaching@martinfeaver.com

Each Package includes 

  • Activities to support and reinforce the changes and shifts you experience
  • E mail and text support to keep you on track