Not A Workshop

Being Healthy in Body Mind and SpiritNot A Workshop is a new concept in transforming lives. It explores the powerful relationship between the mind and body and exposes the patterns that block your people from making the mental, emotional and physical shifts they want in their lives. 

Not A Workshop is uncomfortable and effective.

Not A Workshop harnesses the power of the mind and body.

Not A Workshop involves thinking for yourself and acting for the benefit of everyone.

Usually workshops tinker with change without radically making a difference to the way the participants see both themselves and the world they are part of. There is another way. It’s disruption. 

If you are overwhelmed you shut down. When you are too comfortable you stay the same. Disruption is when you are challenged enough to be uncomfortable and vulnerable yet still feel safe enough to explore new ways of seeing you and your life and its then transformation happens.

In a Not A Workshop session, Lead Disruptors Gareth Russell and Martin Feaver, with their wealth of experience of coaching in the corporate and personal worlds, intentionally challenge participants to mutate paradigms. It is arrogant to tell people what they must feel or how to act. Empowerment comes from trusting and believing in ourselves and our choices. 

Sitting looking at a Powerpoint or being talked at isn’t our way. You have to show up. You’re expected to be present and engage. There is no spoon feeding and imposing our outcomes during the sessions. Everyone that arrives has their own experiences and awareness and they leave with their own outcomes. How they take their lives forwards is over to them. 

Please be aware it’s not a tick box exercise on a company report that enables you to state ‘We value our employees health and well being’. Using us requires commitment from you.

Whether you’re a multi-national, small business, start up, government organisation or a charity…your employees are physical, emotional and mental beings and your greatest asset. You know it and so do we.

Uniquely, Not a Workshop recognises and exploits their mind and body connection. Ignoring the relationship between the mind, body and emotions disregards a fundamental element of human existence; using them all helps your employees thrive, realise their fullest potential faster and more easily and changes their performance in life. That includes the workplace.

Not A Workshop demands respect for oneself and others. Trust grows during the process and vulnerability often shifts from being a weakness to becoming a strength.