What is BeNkd Men’s Sports Coaching? 

Martin Sea Swimming Dec 2023BeNkd Sport Coaching goes beyond traditional sports coaching.  Working together we’ll overcome the physical and mental, and emotional barriers and patterns that limit your performance, fix bad habits, and resolve blind spots to help you achieve your sporting goals.

By stripping yourself bare (physically, emotionally or both), BeNkd Sports Coaching puts you in a safe space to be totally open and honest with yourself like never before. Creating a feeling of safety frees you to rewire your thought and behavioural patterns to get the most from your training and boost your sporting performance.

Throughout the process, you’ll be heard, challenged, and supported in a judgment-free environment.

Who is BeNkd Men’s Sports Coaching for? 

You are your mind and body so train bothBeNkd Men’s Sports Coaching is for those men motivated and committed to getting tangible improvements in sports performance whether a beginner, a professional, or anywhere in between.  It’s for men seeking a fresh perspective on how to enhance their sporting ability, reduce and rehab injuries and be more relaxed using the mind and body for sustainable long term benefits when performing and in their daily lives.

Clothing Optional

Being physically naked in sessions is entirely optional, though many clients have found the experience to be both physically and emotionally liberating and empowering. Stripping down completely can free us from our day to day selves, help us feel more positive about our bodies and gain a deeper understanding of how they function.

To create that safe space I am happy to be naked as well if you wish. Again it’s not mandatory.  You can also work up to being naked over a number of sessions if you wish to and aren’t comfortable to at the outset. We do what you want, with explicit consent, at your pace. They are your sessions.

What will I get from BeNkd Men’s Sports Coaching?

You’ll gain practical tools and daily habits empowering you to maximise the results you get from your efforts, improve your sporting performance and rehabilitate effectively.

  • Improvements in power, strength, flexibility, speed and mindset
  • Crystal-clear insights into what works for you and what you need to leave behind
  • Reduced injuries and less time spent recovering, enabling a consistent and progressive fitness journey
  • Gain a deep understanding how your body and mind works and identify potential obstacles to your progress
  • Maximise the results from your exercise efforts
  • Gain confidence and trust your body

What does a session involve?

Martin London Tri on a bikeAll session are tailored to your individual needs based on the challenges you are facing and your personal needs.  A session may include though isn’t limited to:

  • Neuro – fundamental Coaching
  • Solution Focused Coaching
  • Tantra work
  • Breathe work
  • Muscle Activation
  • Thai Yoga Massage
  • TRE – trauma release exercises
  • Active Release

How many sessions will I need?

The amount of sessions needed depends on your challenges, the commitment to self development outside of sessions, and how well we progress on resolving them together. I realise that’s not always an answer you’re looking for though it’s realistic. I offer a Kick Start Programme of three 90 minute sessions designed to set the foundation for your progress. I discourage one-off sessions as they often lead to unrealistic expectations and outcomes. After that you can decide how often you’d like to see me.

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Your time is precious and so is mine and I only work with up to ten 10 people at a time. To ensure we are made for each other please complete an application form. It’ll help you be clear why you want to work with me as well. 

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