1. Why You’re Here?

MASC Sport moving by designYou hit barriers when you exercise and move your body. 

Self doubt when you train or compete.

You’re stuck in a routine, there’s more in the tank and you want to find it. 

You want more than physical coaching and advice giving.

Your health, physical and mental well-being, body image and performance matter.

You’ve enough of reoccurring injuries, aches and niggles.


2. Building the Performance You Want

Explore and overcome the physical and mental performance, habits, blindspots and blocks that get in your way.

Be crystal clear about what works and what to leave behind.

Rewire how you move and think and sort out your injuries using the concept of ‘Am I Safe?’ to your physical and psychological advantage.

Use practical tools and daily physical and mental habits effectively to improve your performance. 

Be heard, challenged and supported judgement free.


3. What’s the Point? 

You’ll have shifts in power, strength, flexibility, power and speed.

Confidence moving your body. 

You get the most from your exercise time, commitment, effort and energy.

Reduced injuries and less time out. 


4. MASC Sport Structure

A Kick Start programme of 3 sessions is the minimum number of sessions you can book with me initially. ‘One off’ sessions bring unrealistic expectations and outcomes and you’re fighting fires rather than building on progress. 

After this there is a membership model where you can decide how often you would like to see me each month. Members who come in regularly get the benefit of progress compounding over time. If we only see each other when something’s wrong, we’re always playing from behind. Also, members are my number one priority in terms of scheduling and availability. 

Kick Start
Online 3 sessions 60 minutes Use within 4 weeks
In Person 3 sessions 90 minutes Use within 4 weeks

MASC Sport works for the beginner, the professional and anywhere in between. 


5. Next Step

Your time is precious and so is mine and I only work with 10 people 1-2-1 at a time. To ensure we are made for each other please complete an application form.