Changing is your choice 1. Change is Your Choice
Regular coaching implies you are lacking and there is a mythical ‘better’ version of yourself that you ought to aim to be. This comparison is the thief of your joy.

MASC Training challenges this and believes you are good enough now even if you don’t quite believe it. Every decision and choice you have ever made has got you to where you are today. That’s to be celebrated. You made it. You survived. Where you go from here is over to you.




Feeling safe you thrive

2. Feeling Safe You Thrive
Feeling safe to explore and discover you and your life is a fundamental element of every MASC Training experience. You live your life according to how safe, or unsafe, you feel. Your brain is continually asking how safe am I now and how safe will I be in the future?

Your perception and prediction of your physical and mental safety rather than reality dictates your focus, choices, energy, habits, movement…absolutely everything in your life. It is determined by your experiences every day and throughout your life.

When you feel safe enough mentally, physically and emotionally your body and mind relaxes and you become aware of possibilities and opportunities instead of threats. You have the potential to thrive and perform at your best in every area of your life. Even the way you move improves!



Use the mind and the body3. The Mind and Body Connection
Most people are stuck living in their head. They have a six lane motorway to their body and a cycle path back to their head.

You live and experience your life through your body and mind and you store those experiences and their impacts and outcomes in your body and mind. This interrelationship is the mind body connection.

Developing your awareness of the mind-body connection with specific talking and physical interventions, MASC Training helps you release impacts and outcomes that no longer serve you and discover new mental and physical patterns that do.

You are mind and body so train your mind and body!




Repetition and consistency4. Keeping the Chain Going
Habits are our physical, mental and emotional patterns. They keep the chain going and are the way we create, experience and negotiate our lives. Most we perform automatically, without thinking. Some we want. Others, well, we’d rather do without.

Repetition and consistency changes your mind and body’s wiring and brings results. Results keep you motivated and on track.

MASC Training contains practical tools and processes that empower you to ditch habits that no longer serve you and create and use habits to make changes happen in your life.




Put yourself first5. Put Your Own Oxygen Mask on First
You are the most important person in your life. That doesn’t mean no one else matters. Looking after yourself first is taking care of your own needs so you have the energy, kindness, love and focus to be there for others resentment free.

Recognising it can be tough getting used to putting your own oxygen mask on first, MASC Training supports you to make sure it fits and works.