Collaborators are people that I know and trust. The work they do is incredible, transformative and empowering.

They live their values through their actions at work, rest and play and I am privileged to have worked with them in creating and running workshops, courses, retreats and other activities. First and foremost I consider them friends.

James BarrellJames Barrell – Fithaus

FitHaus combines breathwork, body coaching & movement to optimise your movement, strengthen the body and mind, and deepen relaxation. With over 15 years’ experience in coaching – skiing, tennis and personal training – james has built up an extensive framework of observations of how humans move and interact within their sporting environment.  His clients range from sportspeople to adventure athletes, as well as those looking for ownership of their mind and body.  James lives in North London with his wife and baby son.


Gareth RussellGareth Russell – Russell People Partners
Gareth enjoys working with cause-led organisations and helping individual clients unlock their innate potential. His experience in people development includes learning design and delivery, 1:1 and group coaching, facilitation and event hosting, administering psychometrics and capability improvements at organisational level.