Some words from my clients…

Martin’s treatment is beyond just that; his soulful touch is healing, invigorating, sensuous, spiritually releasing, and unleashing. Connection is genuine, it wholeheartedly important to him – he listens at all levels, allowing yourself to go on a journey of self-discovery, where healing is nurtured as you experience what is confronting.

Martin supports and is kind. You’ll be embraced and feel safe. You won’t feel like some one, or some body, you’ll be seen as you, as an individual, who is valued, to be cherished, and worthy of things you may deny yourself off. 

My experience was transformative weeks after it taking place.

VB, Dancer and Researcher, London


Three years ago I had the GREAT misfortune to injure my penis during relations with my wife.I knew something was really wrong and I probably didn’t have an erection for 2/3 months afterward.Becoming aroused was often painful. 

I looked up surgical solutions but they seemed too extreme. 

I’ve broken my back in the past and I have had the most incredibly powerful and effective rehabilitation and was sure I could find another solution. I met someone online and they said I should meet Martin and that we would get on great. 

Martin and I agreed to meet and he wanted to show me some of the body work he was doing. What you will discover is that Martin is the most fabulously open person, and me sensing this to be a trustworthy environment, rather than talking about my back I was very willing to be open about my real burden. Martin, was open to having a look. 

Then, over a period of 18-24 months, began the most incredible journey of healing and rehabilitation. Over this period Martin helped me on a journey of transformation physically, emotionally and mentally. He did so with humour, kindness and care. It was truly incredible. By the end my penis was fully functioning without pain and a bit of new shape. I loved the effect and was pleased with the results. I could go see Martin less and less as there stopped being relapses back to the ‘broken’ condition. 

The ultimate test was when my wife and I were working on conceiving and everything worked! 

Martin is a magician, he is a healer, he is a gift to the world. Any man out there can only imagine what it’s like to have their penis injured and not functioning. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Martin helped give mine back. Thank you Martin!

PR, Teacher and Runner, 35, London 


I’ve worked with Martin on a semi regular basis for over 7 yrs. What I like most about his approach is it’s always tailored and varied. He brings elements into a session from several disciplines. So if I have an injury,  need ‘sports maintenance’ or just some relaxing – he’ll adapt the session. After a while going naked felt natural. Every time feels like just what I needed, without knowing I needed it!

James, M43, Marathon runner and Commercial Director, London

I live with a condition called Restless Leg Syndrome which makes it hard for me to relax and limits my sleep. I have tried multiple therapies and prescription drugs to alleviate the symptoms, including yoga.

I met Martin on a ‘clothes free‘ yoga retreat, in Spain, and got to know him socially. After a few days I mentioned the RLS condition and he offered some advice and  some physical treatment. I felt very relaxed after the treatment. Martin explained that he had spent years learning about the mind and body and had developed a therapy called BeNkd. 

After the yoga retreat I arranged to meet Martin at his therapy room in London. And prior to the meeting we had a couple of zoom calls to discuss my mental and physical condition/needs. 

Going to the first meeting I had some reservations about being naked but immediately felt comfortable once I was in the treatment room. I realised that without clothes I was closer to my true self. I felt at ease, free of status and pretence. I was able to openly discuss things that were having a negative hold on me. I also felt relaxed and safe during physical hands-on treatment. 

Martin has vast experience as a healer and he quickly understood how he could help me. He is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. He guided me to think about my life in a more fulfilling way. Having spent years developing his craft, he is an expert on body work and has released years of built up tension in me. An example of an immediate positive benefit from the first BeNkd treatment was that I knocked two minutes off my Park Run personal best time.

I have met Martin now a number of times and after each session I feel my spirits are lifted, my body is lighter and I am freed of tension.

If I had not first met Martin and got to know how knowledgeable, personable and skilled he is, I might have based my decision to have treatment on the cost of both travelling to London and the cost of treatment. I am so glad that I did not make a decision simply on finance as I would have missed this unique opportunity to heal. The therapy sessions are a positive direct investment self-care and self-love. They have helped me to focus on looking after the most precious gifts a human being can possess: their mind and their body.

GC -Company director, property developer, and runner, Manchester


I first met Martin in the late summer of 2006, at his then Studio in Archer Street. This was in response to a flyer for various therapies he and his partner were doing in aid of a charity, Medicines Frontiers.

I choose Myofascial Release, as at that time I had not heard of this before, and always like to try new things. I found Martin’s approach very professional and reassuring.

From then on, I have visited his various Studios for Myofascial Release, Muscle Activation Therapy, and for whatever he thought was necessary for my well being. He is always evolving new methods of working , by his own research and learning from others. He has even made the extra effort to come and see me, over the latter 3 years. Also in the latter year or so, our affinity for naked treatment, has been of mutual, benefit to both of us.

I know 18 years on, I would not be as fit, physically and mentally as I am today; without his meticulous care and attention and due to the thorough treatments he has given me.

Casey, Retired, Aylesbury


I have been a client with Martin for nearly ten years. Coaching activities include group discussions on men’s health, group body confidence fitness exercises and one to one ‘Mind & Body Coaching’. I also joined his naked exercise sessions in Clapham. 

At the Mind & Body sessions, Martin takes the time to find out about my physical fitness and mental attitudes. Martin is always respectful and dignified and it feels natural to be naked and I always feel relaxed. He educated me how to read and understand the signs my body is telling me. By asking probing questions and discussing the responses inspiration blossomed. The massaging and manipulation of muscles and tissues was where the energy was generated.

At the end of the sessions I always feel turbo charged!

Mike, 65, London