Being naked symbolises intimacy, vulnerability, and exploration. The more we understand ourselves, the greater potential for positive change. By shedding our inhibitions, we open ourselves to transforming our bodies and discovering what changes we may desire. The same principle applies to our emotional and mental well-being.

Removing distractions shifts the focus from constant frustration or struggles to a desire for more meaningful connections in life. It becomes less about “ugh I’m so angry all the time” or “I struggle with my vices” and more “I want more connection in my life.”

BeNkd Coaching introduces a groundbreaking approach to men’s personal growth and overall well-being, leveraging the power of the mind-body connection and the potential to be naked, metaphorically and physically.

Men often face challenging issues, and your journey with BeNkd Coaching is treated with confidentiality, respect, and sensitivity.

Consent is fundamental in every BeNkd Coaching session, establishing a non-judgmental space where you decide how open you want to be. You’re in control, setting boundaries through open discussion.

Together, we’ll redefine what thriving authentically means for you, free from societal expectations. This journey celebrates your authenticity, unlocking positive changes in your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Who is it for?

Men seek BeNkd Coaching for various reasons, each unique to the individual. Whether you’re aspiring to reach your fullest potential, grappling with body image issues, experiencing a lack of self-esteem, feeling like you don’t belong, navigating your identity, confronting health challenges, addressing sexual performance concerns, feeling uneasy in your own skin, want time out to relax and recharge or a sports enthusiast looking to enhance performance, BeNkd Coaching is here to support all men.

The aim is to assist you in achieving transformative improvements in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, guiding you towards a more fulfilled, healthier and happier life.

BeNkd Coaching is inclusive, welcoming men of all sexual orientations. It provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for personal growth and self-discovery.

Why go naked (if you want to)?

There’s no obligation to get your kit off though you are welcome to.

Growing up, men get lots of messages about what it means to be a man, having the perfect body, and being the idealised man. These messages, combined with our experiences at school and in life, can make us feel ashamed, like we’re not good enough, unhappy with our bodies, and that we don’t fit in or like ourselves.

Dr. Keon West from Goldsmiths College, University of London found that people who spend time naked tend to feel better about themselves, appreciate their bodies more, and are generally happier with their lives. The best way to realise there’s no such thing as a perfect person or body is to be naked more often!

Being naked, both in mind and body, and sharing that experience with other naked men, can help you accept yourself and your body just as they are. You’ll notice improvements in how you see your body and feel about yourself, confront your own negative thoughts, and experience the joy of being free and uninhibited. Plus, you’ll gain a better understanding of how your body works!


Changing is your choice Change is Your Choice

At BeNkd Coaching, I challenge the notion that coaching implies a need for change because you’re not good enough as you are. Celebrate every decision that brought you here; your resilience has carried you through. Your path from here is entirely your choice, and BeNkd Coaching empowers you to embrace and navigate it with trust and confidence.


Feeling safe you thrive Feeling Safe You Thrive

Your sense of safety significantly shapes your life, and BeNkd Coaching recognizes the importance of feeling secure for exploration and self-discovery. The daily experiences that influence your perception of safety impact every aspect of your life. When you feel secure mentally, physically, and emotionally, possibilities open up. BeNkd Coaching creates an environment where you can thrive, relax, and perform at your best, influencing  your mindset and how you move and feel through life.



Use the mind and the bodyThe Mind and Body Connection

Many men live in their heads, disconnected from their bodies. BeNkd Coaching emphasizes the profound connection between the mind and body. Your experiences and their impacts are stored in both, and by understanding this connection, you can release what no longer serves you. Through targeted interventions, you can develop awareness, fostering new mental and physical patterns. Recognizing the mind-body duality, BeNkd Coaching guides you to train both for holistic well-being. You are mind and body so train your mind and body!



Repetition and consistencyKeeping the Chain Going
Habits shape our lives, from the automatic to the intentional. BeNkd Coaching recognizes the power of habits in creating, experiencing, and negotiating life. By incorporating practical tools and processes, you are empowered to break free from unproductive habits and establish new ones. Repetition and consistency alter your mind and body’s wiring, ensuring that results keep you motivated and on the path to positive change.




Put yourself firstPut Your Own Oxygen Mask on First

In the chaos of life, self-care often takes a back seat. BeNkd Coaching reminds you that you are the most important person in your life. Putting your own oxygen mask on first is not selfish; it’s essential. The focus is on supporting you in navigating this shift, helping you ensure your well-being so that you can be there for others with energy, kindness, love, and focus, without resentment. Prioritizing yourself equips you to contribute positively to the world around you.