Acceptance or Surrender?

Begin where you areAfter the concept of acceptance came up in a number of client sessions recently, this time round I thought I’d share some thoughts about acceptance and how it really can have an impact on making, or not making, changes in your life. 

One of the issues with the words surrender and acceptance is that people tend to think they mean the same thing and use them interchangeably. They are distinct and different.

Acceptance is an essential step towards personal growth and achieving your goals and ambitions. It involves acknowledging and embracing your current reality, including your strengths, weaknesses, successes, and failures, without judgment or self-criticism.

When you accept yourself and your circumstances, you give yourself space to pause and reflect and better identify what you want and take steps towards achieving it. You free yourself from the burden of emotions such as shame, guilt, and regret. This, in turn, allows you to focus on the present moment.

Acceptance doesn’t mean surrendering, giving up, settling for less or resigning yourself to your current situation. Instead, you concentrate your energy on what you can control and take action towards creating changes you desire.

Acceptance empowers you to take responsibility for your life and to move forward with purpose, intention, clarity and determination. You sit in the driving seat of your life which can be scary, especially the first time! 

From experience I know it can be hard going initially to accept and not feel you are surrendering. Our inner victim, ego, pride and sense of injustice can all get in the way! In time though, and the more you practice it, acceptance does become easier and feels incredibly liberating.

By accepting myself and my circumstances, I’ve freed up energy that would otherwise be spent on fighting against them and opened myself up to new and greater possibilities, achievements and fulfilment. I’m kinder to me and it’s changed how I see myself, others and the world.

Acceptance has also helped me develop a more compassionate and understanding attitude towards others. By recognising that everyone has their own struggles and challenges, I am more empathetic in relationships and my interactions with others.

Rather than think it’s about losing choosing acceptance actually means everyone benefits!

Till next time…

Enjoy the day you create.

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