The Radical Coach

Martin Feaver with his hat off greeting

If anyone ever told you life was always an easy ride you were misled. Always expecting life to be a breeze is when your struggles begins. It absolutely can have its easy fun times, joys and rewards. It’s also got its challenges, tough periods and can be uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. I know. I’ve been there.

I believe it’s arrogant, even patronising, to tell you what you must feel or how you ought to act. Empowerment and confidence comes from trusting and believing in yourself and the choices you make. With exploration, discovery and support, you grow and thrive. You develop your own awareness and create your own strategies to manage and overcome the pressures and demands life invariably presents.

Changing in a triathlonHelping you investigate your mental, physical and emotional patterns, processes and habits to the addiction of doing,  busyness and the neediness that many of us can experience today is a passion of mine.

You have to show up. You’re expected to be present and engage and there is no spoon feeding and imposing my outcomes. It’s over to you. It has to be your responsibility. These are the fundamentals in the way I work as a Radical Coach with everyone whether your are competing, training, rehabbing, in the workplace, doubting your self worth, overcoming trauma, stuck with where you find yourself, realising being yourself is challenging… I think you get the idea I work with many people with different needs and experiences!


Our Imagination is our limitation

I want to work with you if you feel ready to be free of limiting labels and others expectations, be yourself and have a powerful desire to make a difference to yourself and the world beyond. 

I’ve been doing this work for many years now with individuals, sportspeople, in companies and on the road. Workshops, retreats, courses, writing for magazines and being on the Beeb are also in the mix.

My mantra is ‘Enjoy the day you create’. Do you?

Enjoy the day you create.
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Martin Feaver