Martin Feaver AKA The Radical CoachHi. I’m Martin and I’m not into websites. You can probably tell. I’m into people. I love ‘em. My passion is helping men take ownership of their minds and bodies and achieve the changes and differences they want in their lives – physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I’m a Mind and Body Coach and as you are your mind and body, I work and train your mind and body. Through the MASC approach, your mind body connection is the foundation of us working together. 

Men work with me for all sorts of reasons. You’ll have your own. It could be about how you’re feeling, where you want to be heading, improving your physical, mental or emotional performance, overcoming trauma, trusting yourself…

Changing in a triathlonWhatever your reason for seeing me, accepting where you’re at is the starting point. Acceptance empowers you to take responsibility for your life and move forwards with purpose, intention, clarity and determination. You get to sit in the driving seat of your life which though it can feel scary, especially the first time, gets easier! 

By the way if anyone ever told you life was always going to be an easy ride you were misled. Expecting that is when your struggles begin! It absolutely can have its easy fun times, joys and rewards. It’s also got its challenges, tough periods and can be uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. I know. I’ve been there. Several times.

For a long time my biggest issues were being gay, my body image and self-worth. Over the years, I’ve studied, trained and worked in many disciplines and been fortunate and privileged to meet and connect with some incredibly inspiring people.  

Martin with an ice creamAlongside working with my clients, I’ve enjoyed spreading awareness about the mind body connection and understanding and using its benefits to individuals, sportspeople, in companies and on the road. Workshops, retreats, courses, speaking engagements, writing for magazines and being on the Beeb are also in the mix.

I’m here to have a conversation and see if working with me would be a good fit for both of us. Life is too short to waste either of our time. You have nothing to lose and maybe something to gain.

My mantra is ‘Enjoy the day you create’. Do you?

Enjoy the day you create.
Martin Feaver signiture