Martin Feaver AKA The Radical Coach

Martin Feaver with his hat off greeting

If anyone told you life was easy they were a fool and a liar. Yep it’s got its easy times, joys and rewards. It’s also got its challenges, tough times and can be uncomfortable. 

It is arrogant to tell people what they must feel or how to act. Empowerment comes from trusting and believing in ourselves and our choices. Being talked at, or sitting looking at a Powerpoint presentation, isn’t my way either. You have to show up. You’re expected to be present and engage. There is no spoon feeding and imposing my outcomes.

People who have worked with The Radical Coach Everyone that works with me brings their own experiences and awareness as their starting point and they leave with their own outcomes. How they take their lives forwards is over to them. These are fundamental elements in the way I work as a solution focused and mindset coach with people as individuals, groups and in the workplace.

I’m always keen to help people investigate their relationship to the addiction of doing, being busy and the neediness that many of us experience today.

Our Imagination is our limitation With exploration, discovery and support, people grow and thrive. They develop resilience and create their own strategies to manage and overcome the pressures and demands life invariably presents.

I’ve been running the Mind Body Connection Ltd for many years now and have worked with individuals, sportspeople, in companies and on the road with people, individuals who want to be free of restrictive labels, be themselves and have a powerful desire to make a difference to themselves and the world beyond. Workshops, writing and being on the Beeb are also in the mix.

My mantra is ‘Enjoy the day you create’. Do you?

Enjoy the day you create.
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Martin Feaver