BeNkd 4 Men

BeNkd4menConversation. Movement. Connection.
BeNkd 4 Men does exactly what it says on the tin! It is your opportunity to celebrate being you, to get together as men and break through society’s conditioning, body image beliefs and stereotypical barriers of being a man.

Tom at a bus stopBeNkd 4 Men is for every man. The man working hard to be his best, the guy struggling and never satisfied with his body image, the mate who lacks self esteem, the bloke scared of being naked with other men, the chap coming to terms with his sexuality, the dude uncomfortable in his own skin…

Our aims are simple. We want men to… 

  • Feel comfortable in their own skin
  • See vulnerability as a strength 
  • Raise self esteem 
  • Feel empowered and enjoy being yourself
  • Overcome personal challenges
  • Share thoughts and feelings in a comfortable and safe environment
  • Talk comfortably and be in the company of like minded men
  • Develop and improve your fitness, health and well being
  • Love moving your body naked 

Events, retreats and work outs are in a safe non judgemental environment where you can feel comfortable in your own skin! Gone are the days of being chosen last for the football team! Mutual respect is demanded in every session.

You are welcome regardless of age, sexuality, fitness level or body size/shape. Though not all our events are naked, we’ll always let you know when they aren’t to avoid any embarrassing moments. They are always about being real and yourself.

Never-before-did-I-getWhy naked? Early in our lives, men are bombarded with messages about masculinity, the perfect body and the idealised man. These, together with our experiences at school and through life, can lead to feelings of shame, not being good enough, body dissatisfaction, feeling we don’t fit in and even disliking ourselves.

Recent research (naked-and-unashamed) by Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths College, University of London shows that people who spend time naked think better of themselves, like their own bodies more and are more satisfied with their lives overall. The best way to discover that there is no such thing as the perfect person or body is to be naked as much as possible!

When you are naked in mind and body and share the experience with other naked men, you begin to accept yourself and your body as you are. You deepen your understanding of yourself, the world around you and your place in that world.

Comfortable in our own skinYou feel improvements in your body image and self esteem, face your own negative patterns of self talk and get to feel the joy of talking, being listened to and moving freely. You also see how your body works!

Along with our coaching, yoga, fitness and well-being sessions and retreats we are building a community of like minded BeNkd Men that support each other.

Feel free to join us!

Tom Robinson, Matthew Gough and Martin Feaver

The BeNkd 4 Men Team
Conversation. Movement. Connection.